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I’m Mary

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Let’s get to know each other… what do you say?




Let’s talk design. Here are a couple of my most recent projects…


SEEDLINGS — Creative Director/Product Development/Package Design/Marketing

Design/Product Development/Marketing



There’s something about…


Maria, Mare, MC Hammer...you wouldn’t believe the variations I’ve heard in my life. You see ‘Mary’ runs in my family. I, myself, am a fourth generation Mary which means it takes some creativity on behalf of my family members to make a distinction. So what makes this Mary different than the rest?

Well if you were wondering, here’s a couple hints. I sung before I could talk. My favorite food is (and always will be) chips + dip, and I’m a graphic designer.

Most importantly, I have a belief that the best design is fueled by joy and let me tell you…this Mary really digs what she does.



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